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Completion of the 2nd PMI-RMP® online Prep course Nov – Dec 2014 is a fact!

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The successful completion of the 2nd PMI-RMP® – Risk Management Professional online prep course is a fact.

The participants, located in Doha (Qatar), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Greece, after hard work and a number of workshops managed to gain deep knowledge concerning Risk Management but also to be fully prepared for the PMI-RMP exam according to the PMI® standards. The seminar was concluded after 10  training sessions through Human Asset’s Group company synchronous training platform.

But the preparation and support doesn’t stops here. For the following weeks, the participants will receive a lot of study material and mock tests through the asynchronous training platform of Human Asset Group Company in order to be successfully prepared for the PMI-RMP exam and acquire the certification.

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Read what the participants have said about their experience:

 Andreas Spiliopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, PMP:

“Details make the difference! Mr. Fourtounas lectures, following the Human Assets tradition in training, are not limited in a theoretical framework but they also examine in depth some real world scenarios, providing an holistic approach of Risk Management to his audience.”

Thomas Gavranopoulos, High Ranking Army Officer:

“I would like to thank Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas for his excellent performance as instructor during my PMI-RMP preparation course in Humanasset SA. His professionalism and the profound knowledge concerning the preparation courses were very obvious. The courses were so well prepared that you could easily “digest” all of it. I definitely recommend him for the PMI-RMP course with no second thought !!!”

Nikos Mavris, Rail Construction Manager, PMP:

“ Attending the Project Risk Management Professional training through Human Asset’s synchronous e-platform was a pleasant surprise. The 10 days training went smoothly, with me sitting comfortably in my house, thousand kilometers away from Greece, watching Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas presentations on the “challenging” subject of Risk Management.

The interaction with both the instructor and the other three RMP candidates, sharing the platform, was care free and Mr. Fourtounas have managed to create a friendly but still professional atmosphere resembling to a classroom. Small talk between us was more than often used as a “risk management case” in the next lessons.

The slideshows used were helpful to go through the risk management processes and homework was always “handleable”. The classes were scheduled two times per week, which in my opinion worked better than going through all the processes in two weekends.

All our questions were properly answered by the instructor and now, at the end of the seminar, I think I have everything figured out and feel confident enough to complete my study and arrange for my PMP-RMP exam in the next months.

After successful completion of the PMP training seminar with Mr. George Kiriakidis and Business English couching from Mr. Robert Harris, that gave me the needed confidence to start working in a new country, Human Asset training was my first choice for the new RMP certificate training. Mr. Fourtounas class successfully met my expectations and I would highly recommend these sessions to everyone looking for the right training.”

Nicholas Kolarides, Financial Services & Banking:

“As a PMI-RMP trainer, Athanasios was able to engage me as a member of an e-class by building rapport with the course participants and smoothly delivering project management knowledge. He is easy to work with, delivers what promises, within the deadlines set, and puts his energy and focus on maximising the chances for exam success.”

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Ακόμη μια επιτυχία στις εξετάσεις του Risk Management! Συγχαρητήρια Λευτέρη!

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Θερμά συγχαρητήρια στο Λευτέρη ο οποίος ολοκλήρωσε με επιτυχία την προσπάθεια του για απόκτηση της πιστοποίησης Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) και μόλις 50 μέρες μετά την ολοκλήρωση του σεμιναρίου προετοιμασίας!!

Ο Λευτέρης εργάζεται τα τελευταία χρόνια στη Νέα Υόρκη και παρακολούθησε το 1ο εξ αποστάσεως σεμινάριο Risk Management της Human Asset.


Ας δούμε τι είπε ο Λευτέρης για την εμπειρία του:

“It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Fourtounas during the online PMI-RMP course I attended in September 2014. Mr. Fourtounas is a very knowledgeable person with extensive experience in Risk Management. The course he taught was very informative, providing everything one needs to know for the PMI-RMP preparation and beyond that. The professionalism of Mr. Fourtounas, his knowledge and the way he delivered the online course show of a very well informed individual in many aspects, and I definitely recommend him for the PMI-RMP course! ”

Elefterios Stavrakas, MSc, BSc, PMI-RMP,

Assistant Project Manager – Estimator at Michaerl Anthony Contracting Corp, USA

Ευχόμαστε από την καρδιά μας κάθε επαγγελματική επιτυχία και αξιοποίηση του νέου τίτλου.

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