Cultural Crossroads: How Risk is connected with Communication & Stakeholders Management

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Hello to everyone my friends,

In the “PM Network” magazine of March 2016 (pages 58-65) there is an interesting article about the connection of Risk Management with proper Communication and Stakeholder Management in projects.


I am quoting from the article:

” China also has invested heavily in the Middle East, funding major energy and real estate endeavors in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. Because this region relies heavily on immigrant labor—more than 30 percent of the Saudi population is made up of immigrants—China often leverages cheap local labor for these initiatives. That means the funding, management and labor might come from three very different cultures.

PM Network March 16

A Western project manager might very well have a mostly Indian workforce on a Chinese-funded project on the Arabian Peninsula(!!!). Managing that diversity requires a clear communication strategy, says Tom Neill Tanoos, a contract project controller and project account manager, Alcoa, Mission Viejo, California, USA. Mr. Tanoos, who has worked on Chinese-funded projects in Taiwan, Russia and across South America, used professional translators when necessary to ensure that the entire project team was on the same page. This helped team members across cultures clearly understand their roles and what was expected of them. He also stressed that the policies and procedures established in the project charter applied to everyone equally, regardless of their nationality.”

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