Scope Creep and Risks deriving from it, an Army Case Study

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Hello to everyone,

     Scope Creep is one of the biggest sources of Risks during a project. According to PMBOK pg. 137, the definition of Scope Creep is “The uncontrolled expansion to product or project scope without adjustments to time, cost and resources”.

So watch the below video from the movie “The Pentagon Wars” and see how the Scope Creep is evolving through meetings with internal Stakeholders and what is the results to the product and the end users (soldiers). The question is “Isn’t also fault of the Project manager that didn’t explained to the 3 internal stakeholders the result of Scope Creep in time, cost and quality?”

But the above is not happening only in Army Projects, also in private sector you are dealing with same situations when you talk to superiors! Just remember the below former post of my blog:

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