Risk Management Workshop for the Hellenic MPSOTC

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On 16th of October, one more Risk Management Workshop took place for the participants of “Sea-Land Border Security & Refugees/Arms/Dual-Use Goods Control Course” at Hellenic MPSO Training Center at Kilkis. It was the third time that Risk Management Workshop for Border Security projects, took place in the installations of MPSO Training Center but this time with a different training appoach!


The workshop was conducted by 2 facilitators, me and my dear collegue Ilias Katsagounos. Ilias was running the workshop in class while I was facilitating all the effort from Italy via a sychronous training platform as you can see on the following picture.


During the 5 hours workshop, 22 participants out of 6 different Countries (Albania, Germany, Pakistan, Egypt, S. Arabia and Greece) gained knowledge concerning the principles and the procedures of Risk Management for Border Security projects. Participants were active members of Armed Forces, Police Forces, Customs Authorities and Civilians working in Security Sector.


In workshop, participants examined a full scenario of a Border Security project where they executed all the processes of Risk Management such as Identify Risks, Risk Analysis, Risk Responses, Control Risks and Stakeholders Management.



Moreover, multiple case studies were discussed as well as a number of best practices from around the world so as the participants to take back home a usefull toolkit.



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