How to Analyse Risks in a 4 minutes video!!!

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Good afternoon to everyone,

in this 4 minutes video, watch Mrs. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, as she explains why you need to analyze risk and how to do it effectively. Great video!!!

Integrating Risk Management in Logistic Operations

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Good morning to everybody,

read below my article in NATO magazine (NRDC-ITA) with the title “Integrating Risk Management in Logistic Operations”

Integrating Risk Management in Logistic Operations by LTC FOURTOUNAS Athanasios


You can also read the full version of the magazine in:




Participation in 4th Global Conflict Risk Index in Brussels

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The last 2 days, I had the pleasure of participating in the “4th Global Conflict Risk Index” workshop in Brussels that was organized by JRC!


It was a great experience to hear about new approaches as well as discuss with more than 35 SMEs about Risk topics concerning Conflict forecasting, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Risk Variabilities, Early Warning Systems etc

Thank you for the invitation and see you next year!

Apply Risk Management during a Company Transformation

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The magazine “PMI Today” that was published in August 2017, has a very interesting article with the title “Risk Management from a Business Transformation Viewpoint” by Mrs. Margareth Carneiro and Mr. Cecil White. The article deals with the fact that any business transformation is a major program, comprised of numerous individual projects and how effective Risk Management can mitigate the risks inherent in a major change initiative and ensure a higher degree of success.

Risk Management from a Business Transformation Viewpoint

So you can read about:

a. How a company can apply Risk Management in such Projects and/or Programs

b. How to engange the Stakeholders and communicate properly with them during the transformation procedure


c. What skills your staff needs to develop so as to achieve a successful transformation but also what tools and resources you can use!

d. The top 3 risks during transformation projects

e. and many more…..


Enjoy the article below:

Risk Management from a Business Transformation Viewpoint

Read how you can apply this to your company through Consulting Workshops of Human Asset:

a. Coffee Island Company- A true Case Study of Risk Management

b. Risk Management Workshop for the Executive MBA 2nd year students of Sheffield University!

Ref: PMI Today magazine, August 2017, p. 3-6

Note: “PMI”, “PMP”, PMI Today and “PMBOK Guide” are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

How HR challenges can be resolved with Risk Management!

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The magazine “PMI today” that was published in July 2017, has a very interesting article with the title “Different generations require different approaches” by Mrs. Terri Knudson. The article deals with the fact that the workforce of a company in nowadays is composed of 4 different generations: Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z!


The article starts with the fact that: “One of the trends affecting project teams right now is the changing generations in the workforce. Baby boomers are retiring, millennials will soon be the largest percentage of the workforce and Generation Z is just coming on the scene” and explores the Risks that are arising from that as well as potential responses!


So you can read about:

a. Different working styles & cultures and how you can deal with them (ex. Baby boomers are “live to work” while Millennials are “work to live”)

b. The proper Leadership style and motivators for each generation!


c. How you can compose all these generations into a project team!

d. How each generation reacts to change and to training challenges

e. and many more…..


Enjoy the article below:

Different generations require different approaches

Ref: PMI Today magazine, July 2017, p. 3-6

Note: “PMI”, “PMP”, PMI Today and “PMBOK Guide” are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


Famous Risk takers who didn’t apply Risk Management and loose everything!!!

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Hello everybody,

read below 3 cases of Risk Takers who didn’t apply Risk Management procedures and the results where disasterous!!!


  1. Nick Leeson – Barings Bank, UK

  2. Ben Johnson – Athlete
  3. Donald Trump – Businessman & President of USA


but also one that got lucky and faced a Black Swan Opportunity:

Christopher Columbus – Explorer

Enjoy your Sunday!!!!


The Psychology of Risk

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On September 2017, Mrs Katherine Heires published a great article about ” The Psychology of Risk” in the  Risk Management Magazine


In her article, she is pointing out many interesting points like:

  •   Every single risk management disaster in the last 15 years, including financial disasters, has had psychological issues at the root. Whether it’s an earthquake, natural catastrophe or a financial disaster, it is often compounded by our psychological imperfections. WebImage-Risk1
  •    How a lack of pre-crisis training and preparation may exacerbate risk and cause unnecessary errors during times of stress and uncertainty.
  •   Pre-crisis training that takes psychological factors into account makes a notable difference. When we are able to rehearse for risks, we develop the kinds of muscle memory to enact a positive response more quickly and efficiently.
  •   Recognizing the importance of psychology in risk training starts with understanding that humans are hardwired to avoid threats in their surroundings at all costs and that the traditional “fight or flight” response is one of the most primal instincts.
  •   13A growing number of psychologists and business continuity advisers favor the use of Risk training, games and crisis simulations—either offline or online—to help retrain the brain to have positive and constructive responses during a crisis.

So enjoy the article in the below link:

The Psychology of Risk

Thank very much Katherine for the knowledge you shared with us.