Training NATO newcomers on Logistics in NRDC-ITA

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On 15th of January 2020, was my last time as instructor for the newcomers! It was a pleasure to execute that duty for 5 times during the last 2,5 years for over 130 collegues from 15 countries!

Everytime the 1 hour of discussion about Logistics with the new colleagues in NRDC-ITA was refreshing & productive!

Integrating Risk Management in Logistic Operations

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Good morning to everybody,

read below my article in NATO magazine (NRDC-ITA) with the title “Integrating Risk Management in Logistic Operations”

Integrating Risk Management in Logistic Operations by LTC FOURTOUNAS Athanasios


You can also read the full version of the magazine in:





Workshop for Crisis Management in Logistic Operations

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On 04 Dec 2017, I facilitated a workshop in NRDC-ITA concerning “Crisis Management in Logistic Operations”. Participants in the workshop were officers from 5 countries and we discussed a great number of topics.


We examined and discussed a lot of aspects concerning Logistics and how to avoid and/or react in events that lead to Crisis. Workshop began with a small portion of theory and continued by examing a scenario of Logistic operations. We explored fields like “Identify Stakeholders in Logistics”, “Planning to avoid events that lead to Crisis”, “How to react efficiently to Crisis in Logistics” e.t.c.


It was like Deja Vu because during December 2016, I facilitated a similar workshop in NRDC-GR concering “Risk Management in Logistic Operations” where we explored planning procedures of how to be proactive in Logistic Operations so as to respond effectivelly to Threats but at the same time to exploit Opportunities.